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Cuddle Me Comfort

I love comfy. Yoga pants, off the shoulder sweaters, cozy socks to take the chill off from the hardwood floors. All of it. And when I became a Mom, the definition of comfy became less “cute” and more “function”- also known as, “whatever would be nursing friendly and I wouldn’t hate to throw away after nights of spit up and being stretched out.” But now that the days of being a food source are over, I have slowly started to work my closet back to more “cute”, including my “lounge” drawer. Which is why when I picked my stop on the Rebecca Page Comfy Town Blog Tour, I knew I needed to find something outside my normal Pippa Pants and Drapey top.

Enter, The Chloe Cami.*

This is not my first rodeo with the Chloe Cami. I actually featured it on a previous blog post when I showcased a “Mommy and Me” version with MY Chloe-girl. But this time I wanted to make it a stand alone piece. So I extended it, quite a bit.

I still used the short and long layer to get the look I wanted. I took the pattern and laid it against that of a mini dress pattern I use (and apparently added a few extra inches) to get the extra length. I made sure to extend my pattern not just down but also out to the sides to get a nice swingey drape.

This fabric I found at Wal-Mart in the “value fabrics” section, so I am not 100% what kind of woven it is. I am pretty sure it is actually some sort of home decor piece, due to the weight and sheen. But it is lightweight and airy and just gorgeous. I love this muted olive color for me.

After I got the dress assembled I slipped it on and started to spin. It falls nicely and looks fantastic, this is definitely something I could wear around the house and take photos in Christmas morning! But even better, add a belt and some boots, and I’m ready to head out for some Southern Stylish Christmas fun for dinner too! Dual purpose. What more could a burgeoning fashionista Momma ask for?? I mean, except possibly pockets… Oh the joy!


‘Tis the Season right? I hope my short and sweet Chloe inspires you to revisit an old favorite in a new light. Whether you are having a white Christmas, or a heavenly hot holiday, the Chloe extended can be the perfect “go-to” in your wardrobe!

If you give it a try, link to your photo below! I would love to see your version of this Chloe!


Please visit all the stops on the Rebecca Page Comfy Town Blog Tour. Don’t forget to comment on the blogs each day and enter the giveaway posts in our Facebook group for a chance to win some prizes from Rebecca Page.

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    *As always, my posts may include affiliate links. By purchasing an item from them I will receive a small commission from your sale. Thank you for supporting me in my sewing obsession!

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