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Sewing for Fall: The Cora Cocoon

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August is HERE! Fall is RIGHT around the corner. Alabama Football kicks off in about 9 days and 15 hours (at the time of this publication) *ROLL TIDE ROLL*!! HALLELUJAH, AMEN! Which also means it is time to start thinking ahead to my fall wardrobe! Rebecca Page is a lovely designer with a lot of versatile patterns that suit all body shapes and skill levels. Recently, I was invited to join her newest blog tour -Turning the Page: Sewing for the Seasons- and since I am currently going from Summer to Fall, it was an easy yes from me! (Get it, Page…. as in the next chapter….also as in Rebecca PAGE)

Punny! Right? Ok, Back to Summer to Fall…I am not a summer gal. I have way too fair of a complexion for that. I think sun damage prevention is extremely important and I always put sunscreen on my face, even under my makeup. But having to make sure not only me, but also Toddler Beast, are slathered head to toe in SPF CASPER LEVEL just to go outside for an hour or so, is EXHAUSTING. I mean you would think I was applying straight acid to his skin or something as he runs, writhes, alligator rolls, and hollers for me to “WIPE IT OFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF”! The drama is real ya’ll.

(No. I don’t want to hear about the “chemicals” in sunscreen that are slowly seeping into my baby’s pores and will one day turn him into a Oompa Loompa or something. Know what is worse than researched and tested chemicals ensured to prevent sunburns? Sunburns. The kind that makes your skin bubble up and lands you in a doctor’s office; crying as they slowly peel away the roasted skin so you don’t get infections and can heal. Don’t believe me? First hand experience. Beach day. Lower back. Come at me bro.)

I also don’t trust the spray can for my kid. Momma is NOT playing around with Beast and a Sunburn. No Ma’am. So yeah. Summer Fun in our house requires a healthy pre-fun workout.

My fairest of them all skin tone also makes it impossible for me to look good in pastels, so there goes the Spring Wardrobe too. But Fall….Fall is my time to shine. Jewel tones, lightweight sweater knits, boots, scarves. I sparkle in Fall. So yes, I am VERY excited that fall is RIGHT around the corner. Just ONE little problem…. I live in Alabama. Where Fall won’t ACTUALLY show up for a couple more months. So my Fall wardrobe has to be adjusted slightly to be a little more versatile. One day it may be in the high 80s, the next could be a crisp 50 degrees. It can even make the swing in the course of the day if the conditions are right!

So in setting out to make my perfect fall wardrobe for 2018, I wanted a pattern that could be versatile as well. I love cover ups! Cardigans, Kimonos, Dusters, whatever you want to call them. They are my favorite. They can be used to dress something simple up, cozy you up on a chilly day, or be lightweight enough to wear for errands.

Rebecca Page released the Cora Cocoon Cardigan and it became an instant staple in my wardrobe. I love the versatility of the sleeveless and different sleeve lengths options. Since it is available in both ladies and children’s sizing, it is perfect for mini me matching too!

I have made the Cora a few times, but for this post I am going to focus on my two most recent makes. This pattern is written for knits, but I can’t leave well enough alone and wanted to try it with this lightweight woven I got. I actually found this fabric at Wal-Mart for like $2 a yard, so for me, this is a STEAL and I wouldn’t cry too hard if it didn’t work out. I also really wanted to try it in this woven for my littlest sister (in-law, if you gotta get technical) who works for a bridal boutique.

SHAMELESS SHOUT OUT TO BIRMINGHAM’S OWN BELLA COUTURE ! If you’re in the Alabama area and looking for the perfect dress for your dream day and a team that truly cares about what makes YOU happy, schedule an appointment!

She has tried on one of my Kimono Cardi’s before and we were talking about how much we love them but the wide sleeve opening can be a pain.


I can’t tell you HOW many times I have caught my sleeve on a door handle or something else, just to be jerked backwards. So for her, that style is difficult to work in since she is in and out of racks and working with big dresses and tight spaces all day. BUT the closed off style of the sleeveless version of the Cora Cocoon I thought might be perfect for her! So I sized up a size, adjusted where I wanted the sleeves to close up since there is no stretch, and I actually hemmed the sleeve section BEFORE sewing up the sides. My woven Cora was born! Here she is rocking hers at work, she is just so stinkin’ cute! I had enough fabric to make me one as well, so now we can be twinsies!

As I mentioned, the Cora is also available in Children’s sizing. When my daughter saw this pattern she wanted one, no hesitation. She has a very creative soul, and like me, she can’t just leave things be. So she had this idea that the sleeves could be removable. That way when she is cold she can put them on, or if it is warm she can leave them off. Girl is brilliant. So we talked about a couple of ways she could attach them. When I got this baby french terry fabric in from The Fab Clique* for the August Mystery Fabric, my science loving girl claimed it. We decided the Cora would be a perfect pattern to use since she can wear it all year and use it for school. Going off the colors in the fabric, Buttercup decided she wanted to use buttons that complemented it for her hack.

I cut the Cora out and assembled as the instructions are written, sewing the sides up first. Then I quickly realized that there was NO way I was going to be able to do the buttonholes thanks to the small circumference of the opening. So I got to use my fancy new seam ripper my husband gifted me to take it apart.

seamripper.jpegI have to take a moment to highlight this seam ripper. It is made locally in Huntsville, Alabama by The Grain Turner. He crafts each piece by hand and puts a lot of thought and attention into his designs. My Spalted Maple Seam Ripper has a delicate profile, but since it is made from wood, it has a desirable weight that actually makes plucking seams easier for me. It did take me a day or so to adjust to the difference from the plastic ones I am used to, but so worth it. I also love how stunning it looks laying on my cut table (so stunning I had to send him a photo and he is now using it on his page!), and the fact that I can take the tip out and turn it around to house INSIDE of the handle is awesome for keeping it from turning into a swashbuckling sword in the hands of Toddler Beast. You can check out more of his work, including pens and paper mills, here. **not an affiliate link. Just reminding you to Shop Small and Shop Local when you can!**

I hemmed the sleeve portion and laid out the buttons, spacing them out appropriately. Make sure you don’t put them too close to where the side gets sewn up, it won’t lay right if you do, ask me how I know…Whoops. Once I figured out what would work right, I marked those spots and used my machine to make the buttonholes. I finished assembling the cardigan and moved to the sleeves.

To make sure everything would line up, I slid the sleeves inside the cardigan as if they were attached- taking care to make sure the seams lined up. Then I marked through the buttonholes to determine button placement. I attached my buttons and ALL DONE! Buttercup now has the perfect ALL Seasons cardigan with her removable sleeves! I showed her that the sleeves could also be attached so that the buttons didn’t show, but she likes the buttons to be seen. This would also be really cute done with toggles and a cable knit I think!

Once we were done, I couldn’t resist waking her up early the next day and heading over to the Space & Rocket Center for some photos! She is a real trooper and went along with it for the whopping price of a breakfast date for biscuits and gravy. My favorite. Girl drives a real hard bargain.

When working on transitioning a wardrobe between seasons, the right coverup can extend the life of some of your favorite outfits, or allow you to bring others in early. The Cora is a definite NEED in your pattern arsenal!

I love how versatile this Cora can be. From funky, to edgy and chic, the final vibe all depends on the styling!

Special Thanks to Rebecca Page for including me in her sewing blog lineup! Make sure you check out the rest of the talent on the tour! And don’t forget to grab your copy of the Cora Cocoon Cardigan HERE*!

*As always, my posts may include affiliate links. By purchasing an item from them I will receive a small commission from your sale. Thank you for supporting me in my sewing obsession!


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